The Fiery Lantern

The Fiery Lantern

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Here they are, the completed work and the whole process. Walking through all of those took me around 9 hours, from the concept to the sketching and the final work.

I’m happy with what I did. They are not perfect, but they show all of my improvement from the last year, ¬†all what I learned and achieved.

So, here she is, Sil, my little halfling rouge, ready to strike. I developed her based on the old character sheets from my lastest DnD game, which has been around a year.

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Dota 2 summer party x)
playing dotaball :o

Karina as Wind Ranger, Maria as Drow Ranger, Anastasia as Luna, Nastya as Mirana, Olya as Crystal Maiden, Pauline as Lina, Andrew as Invoker
photo by me

hope u like it, pals!)

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